Active areas


Sunspots and active regions

The following regions with sunspots can be now observed on the Sun's surface
Group numberSunspots Location on the SunThe number of spots in the groupThe classification by the Zurich's modified systemArea (millions of shares of the solar hemisphere)Group length (in degrees)Carrington Longitude (in degrees)Group's magnet type
№ 3266N11 W5402Cro003003247Beta
№ 3270S23 W4515Dai014009238Beta-Gamma

H-alpha plages without spots

The following H-alpha plages without spots can be currently observed on the Sun's surface
Area numberCoordinatesCarrington Longitude (in degrees)
№ 3264N17 W88282
№ 3267S17 W50244
№ 3268S24 W75269
№ 3269S25 W00194
№ 3271S16 W33226