Active areas


Sunspots and active regions

The following regions with sunspots can be now observed on the Sun's surface
Group numberSunspots Location on the SunThe number of spots in the groupThe classification by the Zurich's modified systemArea (millions of shares of the solar hemisphere)Group length (in degrees)Carrington Longitude (in degrees)Group's magnet type
№ 3310S20 W8201Hax021003281Alpha
№ 3311N18 W6906Cao010012268Beta
№ 3313N23 W5401Hsx006002253Alpha
№ 3314N14 W8401Hax009002283Alpha
№ 3315S16 W3422Ekc063011233Beta-Gamma
№ 3316N09 W0404Bxo003005203Beta
№ 3317N26 W4105Dao004003240Beta
№ 3318N25 W3307Dao012004232Beta
№ 3319S19 W0105Bxo001005200Beta
№ 3320S11 E7201Hrx003001127Alpha

H-alpha plages without spots

The following H-alpha plages without spots can be currently observed on the Sun's surface
Area numberCoordinatesCarrington Longitude (in degrees)
№ 3312S25 W60260