Active areas


Sunspots and active regions

The following regions with sunspots can be now observed on the Sun's surface
Group numberSunspots Location on the SunThe number of spots in the groupThe classification by the Zurich's modified systemArea (millions of shares of the solar hemisphere)Group length (in degrees)Carrington Longitude (in degrees)Group's magnet type
№ 9081N06 W8601HSX003001267ALPHA
№ 9085N16 W7505CAO007006256BETA
№ 9087S12 W5342FKC065017234BETA-GAMMA
№ 9088N23 W9202BXO002003273BETA
№ 9090N13 W2143FAI031022202BETA-GAMMA
№ 9091S06 W2402HSX003001205ALPHA
№ 9094S23 W1403CSO002005195BETA
№ 9095N25 W6509ESO007013246BETA
№ 9096S13 E0809DSO004004173BETA
№ 9097N09 E1326EKC063012168BETA-GAMMA
№ 9099N13 E2501HSX007002156ALPHA
№ 9100S31 E4701HSX007002134ALPHA
№ 9101S16 E5302CRO002003128BETA

H-alpha plages without spots

The following H-alpha plages without spots can be currently observed on the Sun's surface
Area numberCoordinatesCarrington Longitude (in degrees)
№ 9089N13 W62244