Active areas


Sunspots and active regions

The following regions with sunspots can be now observed on the Sun's surface
Group numberSunspots Location on the SunThe number of spots in the groupThe classification by the Zurich's modified systemArea (millions of shares of the solar hemisphere)Group length (in degrees)Carrington Longitude (in degrees)Group's magnet type
№ 9066N13 W4305CRO001004062BETA
№ 9067S19 W4401HAX019003063ALPHA
№ 9068S18 W2834EKC039011047BETA
№ 9069S18 W1115DAO014008030BETA
№ 9070N19 W1138EAC034012030BETA-GAMMA
№ 9071N22 W6206CRO004008081BETA
№ 9073S19 E0423EAO015012015BETA
№ 9074N13 E3004BXO001009349BETA
№ 9075N06 E4301AXX000000336ALPHA
№ 9076S22 E4601HSX003001333ALPHA
№ 9077N18 E6410FKI041018315BETA
№ 9078S13 E5702HRX003001322ALPHA

H-alpha plages without spots

The following H-alpha plages without spots can be currently observed on the Sun's surface
Area numberCoordinatesCarrington Longitude (in degrees)
№ 9065N24 W39058
№ 9072N16 W24043