Active areas


Sunspots and active regions

The following regions with sunspots can be now observed on the Sun's surface
Group numberSunspots Location on the SunThe number of spots in the groupThe classification by the Zurich's modified systemArea (millions of shares of the solar hemisphere)Group length (in degrees)Carrington Longitude (in degrees)Group's magnet type
№ 105S07 W9204Dko021006299Beta
№ 107N12 W9201Hax002001299Alpha
№ 114S11 W8401Hax011002291Alpha
№ 115S04 W3813Dao017010245Beta
№ 116N14 W6202Dao004004269Beta
№ 117S10 E0501Hsx018002202Alpha
№ 119S14 W2427Dkc050010231Beta-Gamma-Delta
№ 120S18 E0304Bxo002004204Beta
№ 121S13 E1201Hsx005001195Alpha
№ 122S18 E2101Hsx007002186Alpha
№ 123S14 W1014Dao009010217Beta
№ 125S09 E4003Bxo002003167Beta
№ 126S24 E6204Dao018006145Beta
№ 127S14 E1910Dao005003188Beta
№ 128N11 E6301Axx002000144Alpha

H-alpha plages without spots

The following H-alpha plages without spots can be currently observed on the Sun's surface
Area numberCoordinatesCarrington Longitude (in degrees)
№ 108S24 W84292
№ 118N13 W40247
№ 124N03 W76283