Project's diary

Third and the last solar eclipse has passed on Earth
Third and the last solar eclipse of this year has occurred today on 26 December 2019. At about 9 o’clock in the morning MSK, a solar shadow had passed almost alongside the Earth’s equator, over the numerous archipelagos of Indonesia, including the largest archipelago’s islands – Sumatra and Kalimantan. The eclipse half-shadow (much wider area where the Sun does not seem to be fully obscured but only partially), with its lower part, crossed over Australia, and upper part, over the south of the Eurasian continent, including but very slightly, the territory of the Russian Federation.
Planet Mercury is transiting across the disk of the Sun
Quite impressive astronomical phenomenon - transit of the planet Mercury across the disk of the Sun - will occur today on 11 November 2019. The first touch of Mercury with the Sun will take place at 15:35 MSK, and, according to calculations, the ending of the transit should fall on the evening after the sunset at 21:04 MSK. Thus, the duration of the transit will last exactly almost 5.5 hours. Mercury will be in the center of the solar disk at 18:20 MSK.
Anti-flares on the Sun — the eclipse season has begun on GOES satellites
Not very rare, and not less incomprehensible from it either – the appearance of ‘negative’ spikes of solar flares on the graphs are registered on the incoming data from space. The dips in radiation are not related to real solar activity in any way, but, do originate from the traits of the orbit of the GOES satellite which takes corresponding observations of the Sun.
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