Project's diary

During the course of summer 2019, there hasn't been a single flare on the Sun
Not a single solar flare of the x-rays class C or higher (a minimum level which is able to have an impact on Earth) has been recorded on the Sun over the past summer of the year 2019. Currently, this is the fourth-longest in duration interval in the modern history of observations when a complete absence of the solar activity has been seeing. The dynamics of the solar minimum is not yet alarming, notwithstanding the duration of the minimum which has already exceeded previous predictions when according to them the growth of solar activity was supposed to begin this summer.
Second strongest magnetic storm of this year is occurring at present
Quite a noticeable increase in geomagnetic activity is being simultaneously recorded at almost every tracking station on our planet nowadays. The beginning of the magnetic field oscillations was noted as early as on 31 August (last Saturday), moreover, in the afternoon their amplitude reached the level of Kp = 6 which corresponds to a second level on a five-point scale of the magnetic storms. The started on Saturday magnetic storm lasted almost all of Sunday and have continued till Monday morning.
Four closest to the Sun planets - Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars have conjoined together
Quite rare and very impressive sight conjunction of all four the closest planets Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, is currently unfolding around the Sun upon the celestial sphere. Earth in its orbital move is now positioned on one side of the Sun while Mercury, Venus, and Mars are settled on the same line, but on the opposite side which is projecting at almost the same point and extremely close to each other on the celestial plane. At the same time, thanks to this arrangement, all three planets are maximally illuminated by the Sun.
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