Project's diary

This fall, the first magnetic storm will occur on the first of September
This fall, the first magnetic storm will occur on the first of September. This prediction has been based on the geomagnetic activity forecast for the coming week. The cause of the magnetic storm will be an increase in the speed of the solar wind in near-Earth orbit, which will lead to a slight destabilization of the Earth's magnetic field interacting with the solar wind. By Monday, September 2, the geomagnetic situation should already be fully stabilized according to the forecast.
Planet Venus will be visible on images coming from space for few days
Not very rare, but very spectacular astronomical phenomenon - planet Venus appears on the images coming from space, the event can be observed for about almost a week and a half. Venus is currently passing at the maximum distance from Earth on the opposite side of the Sun, and strange though it may seem, but because of this exact position it is now most visible and bright.
One of the strongest storms in recent years is observed on Earth
Today, 14 May 2019, ground stations registered one of the most powerful magnetic storms in recent years. The event is of the planetary nature that is to say that it gets recorded at all geographical longitudes. Prior to this, during the year 2019 none of the observed on Earth disturbances of the magnetic field did rise above the minimum level 1.
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