Sun flares


X-ray index

X-ray index

Diagram of the solar flare activity

X-ray emission of the Sun yesterday and today (GOES-16, GOES-18)

X-ray emission of the Sun yesterday and today

Solar flares today

No solar flares of C, M and X-class were observed

Solar flares yesterday

9 solar flares were observed :

 Active regionBegin, UTMax, UTEnd, UT
Flare of class X6.3359022:08:0022:34:0022:43:00
Flare of class M4.8359020:29:0020:46:0021:03:00
Flare of class C4.5359017:45:0017:57:0018:15:00
Flare of class C4.6017:08:0017:16:0017:20:00
Flare of class C9.4359016:17:0016:29:0016:38:00
Flare of class C3.4359015:27:0015:35:0015:41:00
Flare of class C3.4011:32:0011:39:0011:43:00
Flare of class X1.7359006:17:0006:32:0006:40:00
Flare of class C4.0359003:40:0003:47:0003:51:00